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Break the lecture

If we insist on lectures being the way they’ve always been, which is a one-way recitation, then let’s simply have students watch best-in-class recordings instead of the wasteful act of recreating them live, every time. But if we’re going to do it live, then let’s actually do it live. Seth Godin, Break the lecture

The Power of Editing

Elf is one of the first Christmas movies to make its way onto my TV every December. It’s one of my favorites, and it is on while we put up the tree every year. This trailer made me get creeped out by Buddy the Elf, and I might never look at him the same way […]


How I Use Tasks in OmniFocus

For about 25 years, I got through life by procrastinating on my obligations until an emergency arose and then used my intellectual brute strength to avert disaster. About halfway through my first year of teaching, I realized this was not sustainable, and I started trying to strengthen my organizational game.

Ali Abdaal

I recently found the YouTube channel for Ali Abdaal and I have been impressed by each video I have watched so far. I looked up his website and was further impressed by his writting.


Buying a Domain for Your Child

The land rush of 1889 was a frenzied and dangerous land grab facilitated by the United States Government. A similar event happened with internet domain names a few decades ago. However, there is still significant “land” out there, and a 21st-century parent has to grab a piece of this land for their children.


Resources to Make Your Student’s Presentations Shine

You might imagine that I would be a big fan of using novel presentation technologies like Prezi or FlowVella. I am… sometimes… but pretty rarely. Much more frequently I would prefer to use Google Slides or PowerPoint. I also think it is a better idea to teach students how to use these ubiquitous tools rather […]


School Calendar CSV File

I am a big believer in the helpfulness of digital calendars. Both at home and at school I have detailed calendars marking out all of my temporal obligations for as far out into the future as I can. My school, like I am sure many others, has a rotation schedule that matches no calendar software […]