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Single Threading

Except for the contexts of my high school students’ minds and technology, I am probably too young to be considered old. However, when it comes to personal commuters, I am something along the lines of an Ent. The first computer I have memories of using had a single 75 MHz processor. An iPhone 12 has […]

Sunday Chores

Maybe everything old is new again, or perhaps I am becoming an old man, but I think chores get a bad rap. A few years ago, I started building myself a list of weekly chores, and I believe it has been a huge success! I hope you think about doing the same for yourself by […]

Letter of Recommendation Automation

Octobers are busy for me. Not only are there a ton of fall family adventures, but several annual school projects are active in the time of pumpkin-flavored beers as well. Additionally, I get inundated with requests from students for letters of recommendation. This post has resources to help you automate tedious (but important) tasks; so […]