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Automating My YouTube Videos

I trick my son (and myself) into putting away laundry by asking him to just put away his socks. Then we will come back in a minute and do his shirts. We repeat this cycle until all of his laundry is put away. I find the same trick works on me. I want to make […]

Automate Your Meeting Prep

Meetings are a massive part of knowledge work. So much so that being good at meetings can change the trajectory of your career. Worst case, it saves you time and reduces the number of meetings you need to attend. Best case, your preparedness and follow-through brings you higher quality opportunities and career growth. The only […]

Managing Emailed Tasks With OmniFocus

Almost all of my incoming tasks for work come via email. As much as I love an online collaborative task management tool, I just can’t get away from emailed tasks. So a few years ago, I decided to embrace the emailed task. I used some automation, and now, tasks I receive via email have the […]

Morning Coffee Macro

Morning routines are all the rage; I am constantly trying to improve mine in an attempt to positively impact my day. I have certainly seen positive changes from this work, but I also love how my morning routine experimentation allows me to create new automations!

GTD Brain Dump With Drafts

I made a video about how I use Drafts to do a GTD style brain dump and then send those action items to OmniFocus. This version prompts me with a trigger list so I don’t forget about the critical areas of my life that are not front and center at the moment.