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Sending Staff Emails

Email was invented in 1971, email is six years older than Post-It notes!  Even though email predates almost all technology that we use today, and even though practically every profession uses email as the official method of communication, we (collectively) suck at it!

Sanity Saving Email Rules

I think email is one of those things I and my fellow millennials were supposed to kill, or maybe hate; I’m not sure what my generation’s official stance is supposed to be, but I kind of like email. I came to this conclusion over time, after spending a considerable effort in making my email experience […]


Guidelines for Teaching During a Pandemic

In my opinion, my school system was slow to adapt to instructional changes related to coronavirus shut down. I don’t mention this as a slight against my school system. However, I do think this has given some teachers a sense of being behind in their instruction and having to catch up. This recovery mentality has […]

Student Video Meeting Norms

This past weekend I was talking to my good friend and former co-teacher Josh Clemmer (connect with him on LinkedIn) about how our respective schools are dealing with remote instruction. When we were co-teachers, we leaned hard into meaningful technology integration, asynchronous instruction, and remote working, so our conversation had a lot of energy and […]

Restock Email Shortcut

My wife does not have a lot of hobbies; instead she focuses all of her downtime on deal hunting. She reads various coupon and deal blogs everyday. Then she uses her research to hunt for each purchase like a big game hunter.