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Restock Email Shortcut

My wife does not have a lot of hobbies; instead she focuses all of her downtime on deal hunting. She reads various coupon and deal blogs everyday. Then she uses her research to hunt for each purchase like a big game hunter.


Year of Healthy Habits

Last year I had a significant positive change in my physical health. I lost 30 pounds, regulated my sleeping schedule, and improved my body composition. As a former college athlete and exercise science student, I have always known what I need to do to be healthy. However, I rarely made the right health choices over […]

The Daily Stoic

I have been reading “The Daily Stoic” everyday since January 1st. It has been enjoyable and helpful to have a small daily reminder of stoic philosophy, and it has kick started my reading habit. Win-win! However, after sixty-some days of reading, this is the first quote worth sharing: