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Plex- Your Personal Streaming Service

A few years ago, I agreed with what some streaming doomsayers were predicting, the end of the Golden Age of streaming. There was too much opportunity and not enough competition for the old media titans not to try their hand at streaming. They would come in and recreate cable tv.

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Email Merge in the Classroom

As a teacher of advanced high school students, I have such a different job than many of my peers in my building; but when I walk into my son’s elementary school, I can not get over how different his teacher’s day is from mine. I could never handle their job, and I would never want […]

Clear to Neutral

Like everyone else, I have plans and ideas I want to do. But I can always find an excuse not to do them, even when I know how nice it would be if I didn’t weasel my way out of it. I had one of those habits I wanted to do but never quite did until I automated a big part of it. Now I am more productive and mentally at ease than I have ever been.


Break the lecture

If we insist on lectures being the way they’ve always been, which is a one-way recitation, then let’s simply have students watch best-in-class recordings instead of the wasteful act of recreating them live, every time. But if we’re going to do it live, then let’s actually do it live. Seth Godin, Break the lecture