While on a walk today, I realized that I could create a Hazel rule to prevent one of my backup drives from filling up unnecessarily.

When I got home, I decided to make a screencast of me creating this rule. Here it is!

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A few years ago, I agreed with what some streaming doomsayers were predicting, the end of the Golden Age of streaming. There was too much opportunity and not enough competition for the old media titans not to try their hand at streaming. They would come in and recreate cable tv.

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I am a huge fan of Nancy Duarte’s presentation philosophy, I own three of her books, and I build my presentation rubrics in my class around her guidance. Here are two quick videos to serve as a starting point to make better presentations.

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I made a video about how I use Drafts and Shortcuts to get my tasks into OmniFocus. I was inspired to make this video after writing yesterday’s post about how I have been using the Drafts Inbox recently.

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I have a longer post about how I have students go through a reflection process for the presentations they give in my classes.

As part of my process for developing their presentation skills we watch this video a few times and talk about all of the phenomenal displays of oration that Guy Pierce demonstrates in this video.

While I am not a big fan of the Office 365 suite of apps, this video definitely made me reconsider just how deep the feature set is in Microsoft’s apps.

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If you, like me, have an HBO subscription only while GoT is on, you might have missed Silicon Valley.

Get your money’s worth out of your HBO subscription and fill the void between Sundays by checking out this very funny and tech nerdy show.

Years ago I found the Wisita Learning Library and my video production knowledge and skills increase many times over. If you need to make a video for anything, and you want it to be good, look around at the resources available from Wisita. Particuarlly The Beginner’s Guide to Video Production.

Video calling is becoming more and more common in both personal and professional communication. Here is how I prepare for a video call.

“Memorization” is not a dirty word in education. However, it should be technology (not teachers) helping students memorize facts. Honestly, Quizlet is probably better at it anyway. Read this post to find out why you should be using Quizlet in your classes and how I have implemented Quizlet in mine over the past 3 years.

Teachers in my building wanted an easy, high-impact way to send positive notes home to parents. I designed and sourced a custom postcard to add this tool to teachers toolbelts. I also saved my school a considerable amount of money over buying this product off the shelf.

In 2016, I went with two of my co-workers to the PLTW Summit in Indianapolis. We presented 4 sessions and had a great time. This year I am attending/presenting solo and working on my networking skills. This post is a documentation of my experience at the 2017 PLTW Summit.