Your high school health teacher made this phrase mean one thing but that same precaution also applies to using the internet. You can find endless examples of privacy breaches, creepy online tracking, or straight up public wifi hacking that make accessing the internet seem like playing with fire. And it is!

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A few years ago I lost the high-quality versions of photos of my son. My Aperture Vault got messed up somehow and I had no way to get those photos back. That started my quest to never lose a file again, that quest ended when I found Backblaze.

Dropbox is now the very first app I install on a new device, I rely on Dropbox to save all of the photos and videos that my family creates, and most of the apps I rely on every day use Dropbox to function.

Square Cash is the futuristic way to send and receive money that Hollywood promised me so long ago and I couldn’t be happier that it is finally here. If you have a friend, roommate, family member or anyone else you have to exchange money with even if only a few times a year you should get them on Square Cash.

If you have unique passwords for every site and service and you have tested all of your passwords and they all would take millions of years to break via brute force attacks, then I don’t know where John Connor is, yes you can have my clothes, and I welcome you as my robot overload.