These posts are about the technologies, strategies, and best practices that I use to be more productive.

I made a video about how I use Drafts to do a GTD style brain dump and then send those action items to OmniFocus. This version prompts me with a trigger list so I don’t forget about the critical areas of my life that are not front and center at the moment.

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I have written before about the hierarchy of tasks (i.e., action items) in OmniFocus. In this post, I will zoom in on the base unit of productivity, an action item, and identify the characteristics every action item should have.

I like using OmniFocus and calling tasks “action items.” Regardless of the program you use, and whatever you call the things you need to do, you should think about how they are composed. As of March 2021, I think these are the essential parts of an action item. When I clear to neutral every day, I make sure each action item that goes into my system has been reviewed for each of the following characteristics.

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Except for the contexts of my high school students’ minds and technology, I am probably too young to be considered old. However, when it comes to personal computers, I am something along the lines of an Ent.

The first computer I have memories of using had a single 75 MHz processor. An iPhone 12 has (essentially) six processors in it, which total (at least) 13,400 MHz of proceeding speed.

My formative years using a computer were colored by having to choose the one thing I wanted to do with my computer, which on that computer was usually the MindMaze game in Microsoft Encarta.

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To help students be successful in my self-paced HBS class I have a tutorial that they must complete. The tutorial teaches them a variety of technologies and metacognitive strategies to help them be successful learners. Here is the objective where I teach them about the Pomodoro Technique:

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This post is from more than a decade ago. However, as the school year starts and emails are flying into my school inbox, it is as relevant as ever.

Read this article and learn how to be better at email, everyone you work with will appreciate it:

Writing Sensible Email Messages- 43 Folders