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I have recently been going through my “read later” list. You know those articles you see on Twitter or Reddit and think, “Oh neat, I should read this… later” so you save it, but then never read? Same!

Recently I have been auditing that list and reading the ones that still look interesting. This post from, 11 Habits You Should Definitely Steal From Ultra-Productive People was a great find!

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I am reading Chris Bailey’s The Productivity Project and enjoying it very much. Recently, he wrote an excellent list post on his blog about 30 lessons he has learned in his 30 years.

It is undoubtedly worth a read, check it out here.

If we insist on lectures being the way they’ve always been, which is a one-way recitation, then let’s simply have students watch best-in-class recordings instead of the wasteful act of recreating them live, every time. But if we’re going to do it live, then let’s actually do it live.

Seth Godin, Break the lecture
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This post is from more than a decade ago. However, as the school year starts and emails are flying into my school inbox, it is as relevant as ever.

Read this article and learn how to be better at email, everyone you work with will appreciate it:

Writing Sensible Email Messages- 43 Folders

The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

Coach Tony
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