A screenshot displaying a social media profile error message. The profile header shows a placeholder for a profile picture and the username "@hearmikeburke." Below the username, a bold message states "This account doesn’t exist" followed by a suggestion to "Try searching for another." The background gradient transitions from red to blue, indicating a possible error or inactive status on the social media platform.

I was hoping there were enough checks and balances, systems, and/or public pressure for Twitter to weather the storm of a megalomaniac. I was wrong.

I “deactivated” my account a few days ago, and while I appreciate the 30-day cool-down period where I can recover my account, I don’t see that happening.

While I know many are moving to Mastodon; I am not currently planning on joining the herd. Instead, I’ll be here, on my YouTube channel, and on my newly created Tumblr.

I look forward to continuing the relationships I have built on Twitter. I am experimenting with Reeder and RSS, so if you have a blog or other RSS feed for me to keep up with you, please post it in a comment below.