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Screenshot of a script editor with a partially visible AppleScript code titled "Add Tags Based on Family Members". The code includes commands to set variables for family members, iterate through areas and to-dos, and conditionally add tags to items based on the presence of family member names within the item titles. The user interface shows the script editing window with options to run, stop, and share the script, and there is a description field below the code that is empty.

I shared a post on Mastodon about using ChatGPT to create small scripts to deal with the various friction points in my digital life. I put together a short post sharing the script I use to maintain my tags in Things.

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This image is an illustration depicting a young man working on a laptop at a desk. The setting appears to be a cozy home office with a bookshelf, plants, and a window allowing natural light. The perspective is as if looking into a room through an open window, creating a sense of depth. The color palette is warm with earth tones, and the style is clean and modern with a graphic quality.

I have been an avid Mac and iOS automator for a little more than five years. It has, and continues to be, a positive influence on my personal and professional life, as well as a fun hobby.

However, it can be a tricky world to navigate for novices. Coincidently, I got interested in automation just as The Automators podcast was getting started, so it felt like I was being shepherded by the hosts. If you have the time and inclination, I encourage you to check it out from episode one.

In lieu of that, here is an overview of the Mac automation technology I use every day. There are plenty of other valid combinations and tools out there, but this set of tech is irreplaceable for me.

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If you work on a mac and you are trying to reduce the repetitive tasks in your life, improve the quality of your work, or just save time, Keyboard Maestro is the best $36 you can spend. But, it can be an intimidating app when you open it. Let me give you a head start!

This post has five one-step macros to get you started using Keyboard Maestro. You can build them yourself by watching the video or checking out the screenshots, or use the download buttons to get a copy of mine.

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I trick my son (and myself) into putting away laundry by asking him to just put away his socks. Then we will come back in a minute and do his shirts. We repeat this cycle until all of his laundry is put away.

I find the same trick works on me. I want to make a new YouTube video, but that amorphous daunting task is challenging to start. I made this automation to help break up making a video into smaller tasks. This reduces the friction and makes producing videos much easier!

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Almost all of my incoming tasks for work come via email. As much as I love an online collaborative task management tool, I just can’t get away from emailed tasks. So a few years ago, I decided to embrace the emailed task. I used some automation, and now, tasks I receive via email have the highest success rate of any work-related task.

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