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I love podcasts. I listen to so many that I look forward to long road trips so I can catch up on my backlog.

However, I have never been on one… until now!

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Surprisingly, no one I have ever worked with has canceled a meeting unless there was a significant attendance issue. Meetings have inertia that people seem afraid to impede as if the default position of the working universe is to have meetings.

I argue that the opposite is true.

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I started this blog in June of 2015. At times I have taken months or even a year in between posts. However, what once started as an offshoot of a grad school project has turned into an act of public humiliation/vulnerability that I have now done 100 times. This is my 100th blog post!

For my 100th post, something that never crossed my mind when I registered this domain, I decided to write about why I am doing this (and why I think you should too).

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A stylized image depicts a person at a desk with a laptop, surrounded by an explosion of colorful paper cut-out layers representing data, documents, and technology symbols, symbolizing information overload or multitasking in a digital work environment.

Except for the contexts of my high school students’ minds and technology, I am probably too young to be considered old. However, when it comes to personal computers, I am something along the lines of an Ent.

The first computer I have memories of using had a single 75 MHz processor. An iPhone 12 has (essentially) six processors in it, which total (at least) 13,400 MHz of proceeding speed.

My formative years using a computer were colored by having to choose the one thing I wanted to do with my computer, which on that computer was usually the MindMaze game in Microsoft Encarta.

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I have recently been going through my “read later” list. You know those articles you see on Twitter or Reddit and think, “Oh neat, I should read this… later” so you save it, but then never read? Same!

Recently I have been auditing that list and reading the ones that still look interesting. This post from TheMuse.com, 11 Habits You Should Definitely Steal From Ultra-Productive People was a great find!

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