This post is from more than a decade ago. However, as the school year starts and emails are flying into my school inbox, it is as relevant as ever.

Read this article and learn how to be better at email, everyone you work with will appreciate it:

Writing Sensible Email Messages- 43 Folders

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The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

Coach Tony
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I have been on Twitter for several years now, but I have never fully jumped in. I have purchased Tweetbot, and that has helped me enjoy consuming Twitter, but I still want to do a better job of contributing.

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While I am not a big fan of the Office 365 suite of apps, this video definitely made me reconsider just how deep the feature set is in Microsoft’s apps.

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If you had the foresight to buy a phone with a large storage capacity, then you might not run into a storage issue for a while. But eventually, you will find yourself with a phone that is bogged down with home photos and videos. I’ve known people who were literally deleting old photos so they could take new ones a moment later. There is no reason to be in this situation (or even worse lose your phone completely and lose all of your photos)!