Taming the Terminal

A few days ago, on a forum post, I saw mention of a podcast series called “Taming the Terminal.”

It turns out this is yet another example of why the open internet is awesome.

With the help of ChatGPT, I have been feeling more confident about writing code and working in the Terminal, so I figured I would check out this podcast to learn more about it.

What I’m Learning

I am only a few episodes in and am learning a lot!

For the first time, I have some amount of understanding about what the Terminal app is and what it does. In the past, I have just copied and pasted commands that I found online. Now, I can at least decipher some of those commands I have used in the past.

The podcast has also given me a new way to look at some of the invisible things that the OS does behind the scenes that I have never really thought about before, like organizing files and maintaining permissions for those files. I now understand why repairing disk permissions is a thing!

Why the Open Web is Cool

It turns out that this series is from 2013!

If this was a Twitter thread or Facebook post, it would have long been “lost” to history or at least more difficult to access. However, since this is a website and podcast, it is so much more resilient, searchable, and shareable for anyone on the internet to find and learn from. Even a decade later!

I look forward to eventually working through all 40 episodes, but I wanted to take a second to share my appreciation here.

In the meantime, I would love to hear about how you use the Terminal to improve your computing experience; let me know in the comments!

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