11 Habits You Should Definitely Steal From Ultra-Productive People

I have recently been going through my “read later” list. You know those articles you see on Twitter or Reddit and think, “Oh neat, I should read this… later” so you save it, but then never read? Same!

Recently I have been auditing that list and reading the ones that still look interesting. This post from TheMuse.com, 11 Habits You Should Definitely Steal From Ultra-Productive People was a great find!

As I was reading through their list, I saw tons of advice that I have picked up from years of consuming productivity books, articles, and podcasts. I think the post serves as a great primer to some life-changing practices!

If you read through the post and want some help implementing some of the advice from TheMuse, I pulled some posts from my blog that can help you get started!

I hope these resources help you be more productive; if they did, please share this post with a friend who might need it too.

If you have the time, I would love to read your comments about what this post helped you accomplish!

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