Custom Pomodoro Timer via Shortcuts

There are many posts on this site about how I plan and organize tasks. This post is about how I check one of those things off the list.

Check out this video that I made to introduce my students to the Pomodoro technique; you can also check out this Lifehacker post for another introduction.

In this video, I show you a shortcut that I created, which initiates a Pomodoro session for me by cutting me off from the outside world, playing some appropriate music, and showing me the tasks I should be working on.

You can download the shortcut I just showed you by clicking here.

If I were always inspired and full of energy, I wouldn’t need to do any of these things to trick myself into working and getting things done. However, I am rarely in such a state, so I must continually use technology and systems to prod me into doing what I know I should.

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