Pomodoro Technique for Students

To help students be successful in my self-paced HBS class I have a tutorial that they must complete. The tutorial teaches them a variety of technologies and metacognitive strategies to help them be successful learners. Here is the objective where I teach them about the Pomodoro Technique:


  1. Take Cornell style notes while watching the video above.
  2. Optionally, learn more about the Pomodoro Technique by reading this College Info Geek post.

Applications to Class

  • During virtually every class, there will be at least one block of time for you to work productively. It is expected that these times are respected and used intelligently.
  • By using the Pomodoro Technique to attack your to-do list and focus your work sessions, you can use your brain to the best of its ability.
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    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Hello Marcus, your web site looks very clean and like it would be a helpful resource for someone to try out the Promodoro Technique!


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