Morning Coffee Macro

Morning routines are all the rage; I am constantly trying to improve mine in an attempt to positively impact my day. I have certainly seen positive changes from this work, but I also love how my morning routine experimentation allows me to create new automations!

Clear to Neutral

Because I always try to Clear to Neutral at the end of every workday, I usually have a clean slate to start my next one. With a plan in place, I just need a few minutes to review it and then get started. Since the morning is my prime time for work, this quick start to the day helps me accumulate a substantial amount of productive work time over the course of the week.

Morning Coffee

So I made a Keyboard Maestro Macro to set my Today perspective in OmniFocus, my calendar for the week in Fantastical, and my Inbox in Drafts. This means I don’t have to get into (and distracted by) my email; I can drink my coffee, review the plan I made yesterday, and jump in on my Frogs.

iMac Screenshot Showing My Window Set Up

KM Forum Post

But I wanted this macro to run only when I first turned on my computer in the morning. So I found this post on the Keyboard Maestro Forum Post with the exact solution I needed. You can watch me build this macro in the video below:

YouTube Video

Macro Download

If you want to download your own copy of the macro I use to start my day, you can do so here:

Did this post inspire you to create something? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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