Using A Spreadsheet for Classroom Attendance- The Basics

A few years ago, I fell down the spreadsheet rabbit hole. I was always intimidated by and unclear of what I should be using spreadsheets for, and I decided to change that. I am so glad I challenged myself to explore this world!

Its almost like I was bitten by a radioactive spreadsheet, and I am now a knowledge worker superhero. Spreadsheet-Man might not make his way onto the lunchboxes of kindergarteners, but I can cut through huge daunting projects at school in a fraction of the time, and that’s got to count for something. I want to share this time-saving knowledge with teachers everywhere; consider this video the first step in your spreadsheet exposure therapy!

In this video, I show you how you can start getting conformable with using a spreadsheet by keeping track of your daily classroom attendance in a spreadsheet. This video will show you the basics of setting up your attendance spreadsheet. I will make another video soon to explain some more advanced features. Below the video on this page, I will link to some helpful resources.

Helpful Links

Conditional Formatting- Google Sheets Help Article

Data Validation- Google Sheets Help Article

Link to the Spreadsheet I Created in the Video- Google Sheets

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