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My wife does not have a lot of hobbies; instead, she focuses all of her downtime on deal hunting. She reads various coupon and deal blogs every day. Then she uses her research to hunt for each purchase like a big game hunter.

I benefit tremendously from her efforts; it is crazy how much money she saves. However, the massive disparity between her shopping skills and mine means I get in trouble all the time when I go shopping because I spent too much money!

So no longer buy groceries or household items; that is my wife’s exclusive domain. I tell her we are out of something, and within a week, she will come back with it for a song. Last year I was getting frustrated because I would tell my wife (or think I did) we needed to restock something, and then we would run out. So I came up with an automated solution, and it has worked wonders!

I chose emails since they don’t get buried in a text message history, and my wife can easily see them on her screen while she is researching, but you chose the tool that works for you. I also wanted to remember to check in with her about the hunt a week after I asked, so I have the shortcut create a task in OmniFocus for me to check in with my wife.

I encourage you to try your hand at creating a shortcut like this one. You might not have the same shopping dynamic as I do, but you probably have some time of task in your life that is both repeatable enough and reliant on the same person every time for a shortcut like this to be helpful.

If you want to have a starting point, you can download my shortcut here:

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