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I started this blog in June of 2015. At times I have taken months or even a year in between posts. However, what once started as an offshoot of a grad school project has turned into an act of public humiliation/vulnerability that I have now done 100 times. This is my 100th blog post!

For my 100th post, something that never crossed my mind when I registered this domain, I decided to write about why I am doing this (and why I think you should too).

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Nothing like a little gamification to encourage me to get out of the house on Earth Day.

It was a fantastic day outside, and the walk gave me the energy to work some more on an upcoming project, which I am very excited about!

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My wife and I have owned our home for the better part of a decade; last weekend, we bought our first power washer, and this weekend we started using it. Things will never be the same!