Using Drafts for Lesson Planning

As I said before, Drafts is a deceptively simple but absurdly powerful app. Because of this, it is a slow burn. Even as a daily user and advocate for Drafts I did not really unlock the true power of the app until this past summer.


In this video, I show you how I use some of the advanced features of Drafts to automatically create my daily lesson plans for remote instruction. Hopefully, this video helps you get to the most powerful parts of the Drafts app without waiting years as I did.


If this video inspired you to learn more about Drafts, here are some helpful resources to learn more:


I wanted to automate the date section portion of the draft action so I posted to the Drafts Forum asking for help. The developer of the app responded with some custom code to solve the problem (in less than 10 minutes!)

I incorporated his code and shared the action to the Action Directory so you can download and install it yourself.

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