How Rosemary Orchard Uses Drafts on iPhone, macOS, and Apple Watch

Rosemary Orchard, writing for The Sweet Setup:

Drafts is much more than a quick way to take a quick note and has become the app I go to for all my writing because it’s easy, simple, but still powerful when I need more features.

Rosemary Orchard is rapidly becoming one of my technology/productivity idols. I first learned about her on her podcast The Automators, and I have since kept an eye on as much of her work as I can. I started using Drafts 5 (an iOS/macOS text editor) based on her rave reviews, and her post on The Sweet Setup is an excellent explanation of the app.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem and you use that technology to write anything (even emails or to-do lists), you should learn more about Drafts 5 from Rosemary Orchard.

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