Letter of Recommendation Automation

Octobers are busy for me. Not only are there a ton of fall family adventures, but several annual school projects are active in the time of pumpkin-flavored beers as well.

Additionally, I get inundated with requests from students for letters of recommendation.

This post has resources to help you automate tedious (but important) tasks; so you can focus on what matters and what you have to do.

Below I have linked to playlists on my YouTube channel to help you learn more about each of the technologies involved in this automation chain. I have also linked to a version of the shortcut I showed in the video, but I moved the TaskPaper template from Drafts and into Shortcuts.

Of course, you can translate this process to any standard procedure that you have, setting up a for a new client, request from another department at work, etc.

Leave me a comment to let me know what process this post has helped you automate!

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