5 One-Step Keyboard Maestro Macros to Get You Started

If you work on a mac and you are trying to reduce the repetitive tasks in your life, improve the quality of your work, or just save time, Keyboard Maestro is the best $36 you can spend. But, it can be an intimidating app when you open it. Let me give you a head start!

This post has five one-step macros to get you started using Keyboard Maestro. You can build them yourself by watching the video or checking out the screenshots, or use the download buttons to get a copy of mine.

Video Embed

Macro Downloads

Type Clipboard

Typing out your clipboard is way more useful than it seems!

Personal Website Link

You might not need to link to my website very often (thanks if you do), but you can repurpose this macro for your own portfolio site or LinkedIn profile when you are applying for jobs.

Correct receipt Misspelling

I before E except after C might be right up your alley, but maybe there is another word you would like to autocorrect.

Window Management Macros

For frequent tasks, I will have a macro to set up all the windows just the way I like them, but more often than not, I am moving windows on the fly and these macros make that a breeze.

Mute Mac at Night

A quiet mac is a good mac when you are the only morning person in the house. This automation keeps me out of trouble.

Guest Speaking Links

If you watched the video and want to see those guest speaking experiences I mentioned check them out below:

Learn OmniFocus

Smartere Tech Podcast

During the interview, I share my motivations for leaving teaching!


If you have a one-step macro I should add to my toolkit leave a comment down below!

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