Reconcilable Differences

This is the podcast I like the most but have the worst sale pitch for.

If you like hearing two late-middle-aged white guys talk about parenting, life, work, and technology, this is the show for you!

That being said, it’s one of only two podcasts that I have ever considered paying for bonus content from.

The Hosts

Merlin Mann is a former productivity blogger and speaker who has had many lives and experiences. He routinely starts tangents that end up (usually) coming around in a beneficial way.

John Siracusa is a logical and straightforward computer programmer. He likes to keep the structure and format of the show in order, but his efforts are similar to a Buddhist monk’s sand art.

Their differences are reconciliable enough to give the show a back and forth while keeping the scope of conversations consistent.

The Show

It is hard to pick a good example, but try this one out:

The show has a continuity that rewards long-time listeners, but you will find humor and wisdom that will make it worth your time even from the first listen.

3 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    It’s a wonderful podcast <3

    For me EP 102, Preparing the Way, is a podcast masterpiece. But they all all great :)

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    “Preparing the Way” is an epic. I’ll listen to Siracusa talk about anything. At the risk of self-promotion, given you like this, you may like a podcast I do with two friends, “Hemispheric Views”.


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