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I am a big believer in the helpfulness of digital calendars. Both at home and school, I have detailed schedules marking out all of my temporal obligations for as far out into the future as I can.

My school, like I am sure many others, has a rotation schedule that matches no calendar software on the planet. For many years I was forced to copy and paste each of the four calendar permutations throughout the school year to get my class rotation into my school calendar.

Last year I realized that calendar programs can import events from .CSV files. I went down the rabbit hole and came out the other side with a CSV file template that I could share with all of my teachers, staff members, and students. As a result, they could do a few simple search and replace functions to personalize a copy of this CSV file and have all of their class obligations in their calendar for them for the year.

Here is the post, with a screencast and screenshots, that I share with everyone.

My School’s Calendar

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