Keyboard Maestro Time Saved Stats

I am a massive fan of Keyboard Maestro; it is one of my favorite technology discoveries of all time. I have so many good things to say about it; you can see a growing number of posts about Keyboard Maestro on my site.

Recently I found out that you can get a “time saved” statistic out of Keyboard Maestro, so of course, I immediately checked across my three macs to see my stats. I can’t believe what I found! As you can see from these screenshots, I have saved almost a WEEK. This is from only a year of use, with a couple of months where I didn’t know what I was doing.

This saved time is not the idle Reddit scrolling type of computer work. I use Keyboard Maestro to automate a lot of technical, precise, and meaningful work that I need to get right every time. This work is stuff I needed or wanted to do. Work that would have required me to sit in front of a computer and focus intently on what I was doing. Instead, I got all that work done (with zero human error) while I was doing something else.

Keyboard Maestro gave me an extra week to spend with my son, focus on my physical fitness, think creatively, read, or do whatever else I want while doing the best version of the computer work I wanted to do.

If you own a Mac and don’t have Keyboard Maestro, buy it today. When you purchase Keyboard Maestro, you are buying more time every day.

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