VLC- Best Media Player on the Planet

When you work with media from so many different sources on a daily basis, you see a ton of different media formats. I can’t spend time hunting for specialized players just to check a file. So my go to default media player is VLC Media Player from VideoLAN. Not only can it play pretty much anything you throw at it, the best part is that it is FREE!

The amazing people at VideoLAN have put together a wonderful cross-platform program that gives you the ability to play any media file for any operating system. Not only does the program have tremendous capability, but it is a very lightweight program to boot. Meaning it won’t slow down your computer and has no extra junk software that can compromise your security.

The icing on the cake it the fact that VLC Player can even handle some basic video conversion as well. All for free, on all the major operating systems.

As you can tell, VLC gets my emphatic approval and is one of the first pieces of software I suggest anyone download to their computer.

Download it now here.

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